Drahthaar for Youth Foundation: Funded by the sale of Drahthaar artwork "A New Season"

Drahthaar Art: "A New Season" by Artist Renee' Piskorski


Please email Mark Heuer at mark@dayweather.com with your comments and suggestions. Also, we would love to have photos of kids hunting, especially with a Drahthaar!

Please submit any program you think should be considered for support by the Drahthaar for Youth Foundation. Submit programs to Kevin through this form along with the program name, location, contact information and why you feel it should be considered. If you would like to help with the program, or have comments and suggestions please submit them through the form as well.


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This program is funded by the sale of the print and made possible by the support of the following:

Frontier Oil Corporation

The Academy Corporation
The Academy Corporation

Traceable Creations Web Design



Please direct all inquires, questions, and suggestions to Mark Heuer at mark@dayweather.com.