Drahthaar for Youth Foundation: Funded by the sale of Drahthaar artwork "A New Season"

Drahthaar Art: "A New Season" by Artist Renee' Piskorski


OBJECTIVE: A 5 member committee based in Cheyenne, Wyoming is developing and running the Drahthaar for Youth Foundation. Goals of the committee are to accomplish the mission of the program by:

  • Donating 100% of the net proceeds to outdoor youth programs and youth shooting sports that promote and support the Drahthaar for Youth Foundation mission.

  • Youth programs throughout the nation will be eligible for monetary donations.
    A few examples of such programs are:
              National Wild Turkey Federation JAKES Program
              Pheasants Forever RINGNECK Program
              The Hunting and Fishing Heritage Foundation
              Boy Scouts of America
              4 H Programs

  • Give 2, $250.00 scholarships each year to youths that are productive in their communities, while at the same time show a dedication to the outdoors, ethical hunting and the safe use of firearms.


Drahthaar and Youth Committee Members are:

  • Mark Heuer - Chairman

  • Randy Willman - Vice Chairman

  • Howard Shedd - Business Manager

  • Rebecca Thoe-Heuer - Secretary

  • Mark Heuer - Public Relations Director


To promote and protect our hunting heritage, and the Deutsch Drahthaar through the support of youth outdoor programs and youth shooting sports.

Please submit any program you think should be considered for support by the Drahthaar for Youth Foundation. Submit programs to Mark Heuer through the contact page along with the program name, location, contact information and why you feel it should be considered. If you would like to help with the program, or have comments and suggestions please submit them through the contact page as well.

This program is funded by the sale of the print and made possible by the support of the following:

Frontier Oil Corporation

The Academy Corporation
The Academy Corporation

Traceable Creations Web Design



Please direct all inquires, questions, and suggestions to Mark Heuer at mark@dayweather.com.